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Lizzy Mercier Descloux (1956 - 2004)

Lizzy Mercier Descloux (1956 - 2004)






"There’s a loneliness that’s part as a human being, that you can never get rid of."

Punpun may have been all alone this earth but, God would come to him. That stupid asshole.

Even though Punpun did not yet appreciate the bitter taste of coffee, he could slowly feel his self, growing blacker.

If pretending to know was childish, and pretending to not know was adult, then Punpun thought, that he was still probably just a child.

"Everyone seems so empty, so hollow… am I beginning to lose consciousness of my self?"

Punpun blankly thought to himself, of how the starry sky of that night many years ago had remained unchanged, and must be shining as it had always been.

"Perhaps I’ll try a little harder starting tomorrow," Punpun thought. It was a secret to everyone else, that he had thought the same thing yesterday, the day before yesterday, and so on and so on.

Being cool was merely a paper-thin difference away from being empty.

To Punpun, the seemingly unmeaningful words, “See ya,” spoken by Sachi were magical words that transformed the next day into a day worth living.

"Is that… what my face always looked like…?"

Punpun no longer needed to walk around. Summer would still come even if he stayed completely still.

"Even though it’s only been a year, I’m growing less confident, in what you were really like."

"This life is so easy it feels like my mind is ready to snap at any time."

Goodnight, Punpun


Sebastien Tellier - Look (NSFW)